Description of market

Metro Manila is our biggest and most active market in the Philippines. Originally it is also how we have started this venture..

What are the clients think about us

Date Client Products Rating Service Rating Comments
May. 13, 21 Anna I have already mentioned in messenger that I cannot add to cart using
Apr. 28, 21 Antony Where is my tapioca?
Apr. 27, 21 Maria Hanna Concepcion I hope use of plastic can be reduced.
Apr. 26, 21 Doods I hope you can modify your app such that delivery eta is reflected onc
Apr. 17, 21 Anna Maraming salamat sa Epalengke!
Apr. 16, 21 Mary Ann Very good...
Apr. 14, 21 Melissa The delivery came on the day scheduled but in the afternoon instead of
Apr. 14, 21 ROSEMARIE I talked to Russel and told him that the (a) 2 kg of Lacatan were al
Apr. 09, 21 Ovie the free 200 wasn't applied to my 1st order
Apr. 06, 21 Roxanne Timely delivery and smooth coordination with epalengke as alwAys. Keep

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