Description of market

Metro Manila is our biggest and most active market in the Philippines. Originally it's compare is also how we have started this venture..


What are the clients think about us

Date Client Products Rating Service Rating Comments
Apr. 26, 22 Gil I’ve ordered 3 pcs of Pampano White Fish; only one piece was deliver
Mar. 31, 22 Gil 75% of Banana Saba Ripe is insect infected hence, thrown away (see pho
Mar. 20, 22 Rodel good and nice item
Mar. 08, 22 Gil If I may suggest, please engage the service of Grab riders. I believe
Feb. 26, 22 Gil Service is very good except for the idiot rider; I’ve complained to
Feb. 03, 22 Gil I would prefer red sweet potatoes
Jan. 28, 22 Gil Overall rating for the order = 4.5 stars
Sep. 05, 21 Wiljohn Poor sourcing methods of products. App is always not working properly.
Aug. 05, 21 JN received order in good condition :-) keep it up!
Jul. 12, 21 Wiljohn Pls put more variety for the items on sale. It would be better if buye

Why Next Day Delivery?

Unlike other groceries (dry goods, canned, jarred products, etc.), fresh produce in is highly perishable. Many salads and leafy vegetables wilt by the end of the day. Seafood loses its freshness even before the end of the day! So, because of the highly perishable nature, merchants would rather understock than overstock. Generally by noontime, most of the products—like in a wet market—are already sold out

Therefore, in order to anticipate your demand and deliver the freshest produce to your doorsteps, we prepare all your orders in the early morning and we start delivering right after, ideally serving everyone by noontime. That also means we encourage you to place your order as early as you can the day before.

This is why we apply our "Next Day Delivery" policy with a specific cut-off time per market.