Description of market

Metro Manila is our biggest and most active market in the Philippines. Originally it's compare is also how we have started this venture..


What are the clients think about us

Date Client Products Rating Service Rating Comments
Apr. 26, 22 Gil I’ve ordered 3 pcs of Pampano White Fish; only one piece was deliver
Mar. 31, 22 Gil 75% of Banana Saba Ripe is insect infected hence, thrown away (see pho
Mar. 20, 22 Rodel good and nice item
Mar. 08, 22 Gil If I may suggest, please engage the service of Grab riders. I believe
Feb. 26, 22 Gil Service is very good except for the idiot rider; I’ve complained to
Feb. 03, 22 Gil I would prefer red sweet potatoes
Jan. 28, 22 Gil Overall rating for the order = 4.5 stars
Sep. 05, 21 Wiljohn Poor sourcing methods of products. App is always not working properly.
Aug. 05, 21 JN received order in good condition :-) keep it up!
Jul. 12, 21 Wiljohn Pls put more variety for the items on sale. It would be better if buye

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

- enables wet market owners to sell their goods and products online through the appointment by of the wet market owners as partners/merchants. will mainly introduce and sell the wet market owners fresh produce of goods and products online in the local market.

- Quality of service and warranty of goods and products is the sole responsibility of the appointed partners/merchants. Buyers’ or customers’ complaints will go directly to the appointed partners/merchants. customers and appointed partners/merchants hold free of any liability and harm.

- Please note that we process the order for delivery the next day in the morning. It would the responsibility of the buyer to receive quickly the goods as epalengke mostly deliver fresh seafood or meat. Any postponement to receive the delivery diligently would be at the risk of the client.

- reserves the right to collect the data of the customers such as the names, email addresses, home addresses, goods and product preferences, and etc. This is primarily in view of better knowing and gathering the customer’s preferences of the goods or products and in order later on to offer relevant promos that cater to their needs.

- will not sell the collected data as mentioned above in view of the data privacy rights of the customers.

- has the right to retain commissions upon each successful transaction.

- uses a Digital Wallet (closed system): which means that customers who use can pre-buy loads of credit (1 credit = 1 Peso). This credit loaded in the Digital Wallet can be used later as a transaction currency for the exclusively. The load credits are meant to purchase fresh produce online at The load credits can not be cashed out at any other outlets such as Palawan Express, MLhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier, etc. However, the load credits of the Digital Wallet have no expiry date. Once an User accepts to load (top-up) credits, he/she will commit to using all the credits online without being able to cash them out in accordance with the regulations of the Bangko Sentral under the Anti-Laundering Laws.

- Any purchases through are considered as final. The return of any fresh produce of goods and products is not acceptable nor recommended for sanitary reasons and purposes. reserves the right to change and reflect the price volatility of the market almost on a daily basis. Prices will, therefore, fluctuate on a frequent basis

- understands the buyer's sense of urgency to promptly receive the fresh produce of goods and products. However, can not be held responsible for any delayed delivery and receipt of the ordered goods and products. Furthermore, can not be held for delays or non-delivery in times of force majeure which are those unforeseeable circumstances beyond every man’s control.

- may partner with a partner's promo campaign if it sees it fit.

- will credit a Digital Wallet, in case if a product is not available, or if in  a smaller quantity, or in case of any cancellation of purchase. This is regardless of the initial form of payment and for the sake of usability of the Digital Wallet. Customers can use or re-use the said credited amount. The credited amount can be used across any other vendors of Epalengke. However, a refund of the amount through the original payment channel is possible but may take up to 2 to 8 weeks depending on the channel used. 

- Users accept the “concierge fee” (which helps the processing of the order) and the “delivery fee” (which pays the delivery staff of 

- Promotions listed on the website are by nature limited until supplies last or on a limited quantity. Epalengke reserves the right to disable or replace the items offered based on the availability of that item.

- Users can freely edit, add or delete or even transfer its data according to the guidelines of GDPR.

- values the Branding Strategy of the partners/merchants and will support, train and maintain all the branding and processes for customer users, partners/merchants and staff.

- Consumers must only order if they are able to receive the products or goods. There is no policy on return or products or goods. The nature of the wet markets goods and products is mainly perishable. Consumers must take full responsibility when they order. There is an extra charge fee if the customer is not able to receive the products or goods due to his/her fault.

- There is no return policy for seafood and meats if it was in good condition at the time of order and delivery. 

- reserves the right to cancel any transaction coming through its platform if it is: unethical, illegal and if it is in contradiction with the partner/merchant image branding. 

- Note pictures used on the website are all for illustration purposes, not the actual products which may vary according to the seasons, the origins etc..

- reserves the right to decline to accept and register any clients who are blacklisted, had intended to have bad experiences as a customer or had an intentional unexplainable transaction. In case of a refund, Epalengke.comalengke will only credit the e-wallet first so that it can be used by the customer on the next purchase. Customers can request a refund but it depends on their payment gateway. Usually, a refund might take up to a month but we will try our best to fast track the process. 

- reserves the right to adjust the prices in case of price increases the following day of online purchase. However,  the customer has the right not to accept the goods or products, in which case the customer will refuse to receive and the amount paid will be credited back to his e-wallet.

-’s Terms and Conditions are all in accordance with a well-accepted e-wallet policy and in compliance with the Central Bank of the Philippines.