Description of market

Metro Manila is our biggest and most active market in the Philippines. Originally it's compare is also how we have started this venture..


What are the clients think about us

Date Client Products Rating Service Rating Comments
Sep. 05, 21 Wiljohn Poor sourcing methods of products. App is always not working properly.
Aug. 05, 21 JN received order in good condition :-) keep it up!
Jul. 12, 21 Wiljohn Pls put more variety for the items on sale. It would be better if buye
Jun. 04, 21 Megan We’ve had multiple order na kulang yung order namin or hindi fresh u
May. 30, 21 agapito iv Lemon is good
May. 16, 21 Patrick Got a message you are currently offline and am unable select star rati
May. 13, 21 Anna I have already mentioned in messenger that I cannot add to cart using
Apr. 28, 21 Antony Where is my tapioca?
Apr. 27, 21 Maria Hanna Concepcion I hope use of plastic can be reduced.
Apr. 26, 21 Doods I hope you can modify your app such that delivery eta is reflected onc


Hello! is currently looking for several market coordinators and riders to join our team. See the roles below to get a better understanding of what we are looking for:


We expect a market coordinator to be the interface between and local vendors. As such their role includes:

  • Representing in specific markets
  • Recruiting vendors and teaching them how to use the system
  • Negotiating for and maintaining favorable prices and transactions
  • Checking product quality and compliance before dispatch
  • Recruiting and managing delivery partners
  • Coordinating each transaction with riders
  • Communicating with clients ragarding their orders

For interested applicants, we will only accept a candidate that:

  • Speaks good Tagalog and passable English
  • Is empathetic and presentable
  • Is tech-savvy because the job requires the use of the online system
  • Is logical and organized
  • Has a smartphone and internet connection

To apply, send application letter and CV  to:

For more information, see this video:


We expect a rider to be able to pack and deliver orders to the client. As such their role includes:

  • Representing in relation to the client (The impression that the client has of the rider is the impression that the client has of As such, they are expected to be courteous and presentable.)
  • Packing each of the orders they will deliver
  • Collecting Cash On Delivery income and submitting it back to the company

For interested applicants, we will only accept a candidate that:

  • Is diligent and compentent
  • Has a good and helpful attitude 
  • Is able to use mobile applications and navigate websites
  • Has a smartphone and internet connection
  • Has a motorcycle and an LTO driver's license