News & Updates


Starting today, we are open to take order: COD (Cash on Delivery) order. You can order online and choose COD as payment option, and we shall confirm within a short period and you will be delivered the next morning. 


Want to get our latest price list, simply click here: transparent and always updated! Every day and all day long. 


Order dispatching is now preceded by an SMS from EPALENGKE with a link to click on in order to confirm that order is on the way, you do need to confirm that you will be able to accept the order within the next 90mns. This is to make sure your order will not wait under the sun. Please remember this is fresh food and is better to be received asap. Please confirm "OK" and we will include your order in our immediate route. If you do not click, or click on "WAIT", your order will be scheduled eventually on the next round of route (unpredictable schedule). See below for the picture. Thank You!


We have Implemented a dedicated SMS service. From now on, any Order Confirmation, Refund, Information about your delivery are now sent through of SMS platform with label "EPALENGKE" in order to increase your security level, and shows that the communication is indeed an legitimate communication.  


As we are now serving other areas within Metro Manila, we have now upgraded our transportation fees which automatically computes the real cost depending on your location. If within 1km, we still charge a low rate of 49 pesos. And higher if your address of delivery is farther. But in all cases, we are always lower than the general courier on-demand delivery. 


We are now serving the whole Metro Manila! That is the reason why we have changed our market from "Makati" to "Metro Manila!" Also in regards to the fees to be paid, if you are within the 1km from Makati where we are, your fee will still be 49 pesos. Beyond, you simply pay a delivery charge like Lalamove rate, no surcharge, guaranteed! You will see the automatic computation of the rate in your cart as you check out!


We have decided to make the system easy: no minimum purchase! in our system. 

4/21/2020 : 

We have added many new products, mostly from the frozen section where we can offer quality food, most of the time, vacuum packed. Also we have added a tag "frozen", "vacuum packed", "halal" etc.. for the sake of transparency. We are constantly adding new lines of products. So stay tuned.

4/18/2020 :

We would like to introduce the Epalengke Ecobag in the view of reducing the impact of plastic. We do know it is not fully yet possible to avoid (you need it to package all wet products, but if we could minimize it, that would be a great start!